Fusing in the Order of Grace…

Blessed Pentecost, dear friends and happy birthday to the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church!

Queen of the Divine Will website has a page titled: QUEEN OF THE DIVINE WILL AND THE FEAST OF PENTECOST IN THE DIVINE WILL. On it are many glorious meditations on this feast from the writings of Luisa, including this one:

Volume 17May 17, 1925

“My daughter, to all you have said on fusing yourself in my Will, another application must be added – that of fusing yourself in the order of grace, in all that the Sanctifier – the Holy Spirit – has done and will do to those who are to be sanctified. Furthermore, while We – the Three Divine Persons – remain always united in working, if Creation is related to the Father, and Redemption to the Son – the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” was attributed to the Holy Spirit. And it is exactly in the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” that the Divine Spirit will display His Work. You do it when, in coming before the Supreme Majesty, you say: ‘I come to give love in return for everything which the Sanctifier does to those who are to be sanctified. I come to enter into the order of grace, to give You glory and return of love, as if all had become Saints, and to repair You for all the oppositions and lack of correspondence to grace…”; and as much as you can, in Our Will you search for the acts of grace of the Spirit Sanctifier, in order to make your own – His sorrow, His secret moans, His anguishing sighs in the depth of the hearts, on seeing Himself unwelcome. And since the first act He does is to bring our Will as the complete act of their sanctification, on seeing Himself rejected, He moans with inexpressible moans. And in your childlike simplicity, you say to Him: ‘Spirit Sanctifier, hurry, I implore You, I beg You, let everyone know your Will, so that, in knowing It, they may love It and welcome your prime act of their complete sanctification – which is your Holy Will!’ My daughter, We – the Three Divine Persons – are inseparable and distinct, and in this way do We want to manifest to the human generations Our Works for them: while remaining united within Ourselves, each One of Us wants to manifest individually His Love and His Work for the creatures.”

L. Piccarreta, Book of Heaven, Volume 17, May 17, 1925

Prayer derived from this passage, Volume 17, May 17, 1925:

I fuse myself in the Order of Grace, in all that the SANCTIFIER has done and will do to those who are to be sanctified…I come to give love in return for everything which the SANCTIFIER does to those who are to be sanctified. I come to enter into the Order of Grace, to give glory and return of love, as if all had become Saints, and to repair You for all the opposition and lack of correspondence to Grace…I make my own Your Sorrow, Your secret Moans, Your anguishing Sighs in the depths of the hearts, on seeing Yourself unwelcome. SPIRIT SANCTIFIER, hurry, I implore You, I beg You, let everyone know Your Will, so that, in knowing IT, they may love IT and welcome Your prime Act of their complete sanctification – which is Your Holy Will!

L. Piccarreta, Book of Heaven, Volume 17, May 17, 1925

Come Divine Will! Come to reign upon the earth! Fiat!

Janet Klasson

Why no miracles?

I came across this passage recently and thought it might answer a question you didn’t know you had.

We always pray for miracles but given that the Divine Will is Divine holiness, we may wonder why we don’t see more of them. Here is the answer:

Volume 16, August 20, 1923

Living in the Divine Will is not an individual Sanctity, but, like the Sun, it is for the universal good: It is the greatest miracle. So is the Celestial Mama, more than a silent Sun, in order to be the Queen of the Sanctity of the Saints, and Mother and Bearer of the Divine Life to all.

I was thinking to myself: ‘My good Jesus says many marvelous things about His Will, and how there is no greater, higher or holier thing than the soul whom He calls to live in His Will. If it were so, who knows how many marvelous things I should be doing, how many amazing things, also externally… On the contrary, there is nothing charming or striking; rather, I feel the most abject and insignificant of all, who does nothing good, while the Saints – how much good did they not do? Amazing things, miracles… Yet, He says that the living in His Will leaves all Saints behind.’

Now, while these and other thoughts were passing through my mind, my Jesus moved in my interior, and with His usual Light told me: “My daughter, when a Sanctity is individual, in time and space, it has more external prodigies in order to attract those individuals, places and times, to receive the grace and the good which that sanctity contains. On the other hand, the Sanctity of living in my Will is not an individual sanctity, assigned to do good to certain places, to certain people and to certain times; rather, it is a Sanctity which has to do good to all, in all times and in all places. It is a Sanctity which remains eclipsed in the Eternal Sun of my Will, which, invading all, is Light without speech, fire without wood, without clamor, without smoke; but in spite of this, it does not cease to be the most majestic, the most beautiful, the most fecund. Its Light is more pure, Its heat more intense, and the true image of it is the Sun which illuminates our horizon – it illuminates all, but without clamor. It is Light, but has no speech; it says nothing to anyone – the good it does, the seeds it fecundates, the life it gives to all plants, and how it purifies the polluted air with its heat, and destroys all that can be noxious to all humanity. It is so silent that, even though they have it with them, they pay no attention to it. But in spite of this, it does not cease to be majestic and beautiful, and to continue the good it does for all. And if the sun were missing, everyone would cry over it, since the greatest miracle of fecundity and preservation of all nature would be missing.

The Sanctity of living in my Will is more than Sun. A soul who is upright and fully ordered in my Will is more than an army in battle. Her intelligence is ordered and bound to the Eternal Intelligence; her heartbeats, affections, desires, are ordered with eternal bonds. Therefore, her thoughts, her Will and all her interior, are armies of messengers which come from her and which fill Heaven and earth; they are speaking voices; they are weapons which defend all, and first of all, their God. They bring good to all; they are the true Celestial and Divine militia which the Supreme Majesty keeps all ordered within Itself, always ready at all Its commands.

And then, there is the example of my Mama, true Sanctity of living in my Will, with her interior all eclipsed in the Eternal Sun of the Supreme Volition. Having to be the Queen of the Sanctity of the Saints, and Mother and Bearer of my Life to all, and therefore of all goods, she remained as though hidden in all, bringing good without making herself recognized. More than a silent Sun, she brought Light without speech, Fire without clamor, Good without exposing herself. There was no good which did not come from Her; there was no miracle which was not unleashed from Her. By living in my Will, she lived hidden within all, and she was and is the origin of the goods of all.

She was so enraptured in God, so fixed and ordered in the Divine Will, that all her interior swam in the sea of the Eternal Volition. She was aware of all the interior of all creatures, and she placed her own in order to reorder them before God. It was exactly the interior of man, more than the outside, to be in greater need of being re-done and reordered; and so, having to do the major part, it seemed that she did the minor, while she was the origin of both external and interior good. Yet, apparently it seemed that she did not do great or amazing works. More than Sun, She went unobserved and hidden in the cloud of Light of the Divine Will, so much so, that the very Saints gave of themselves, doing apparently more amazing things that my own Mama did. Yet, what are the greatest Saints before my Celestial Mama? They are just little stars compared to the great Sun; and if they are illuminated, it is because of the Sun.

But even though she did not do amazing things, she did not cease to be, also visibly, majestic and beautiful, just barely flying over the earth, all intent on that Eternal Will which she charmed and enraptured with great love and violence, in order to transport It from Heaven to earth, and which the human family had so brutally exiled up on High. And with all her interior ordered in the Divine Will, She gave no time to time; whether She thought, palpitated, breathed, and everything else She did – these were all charming bonds in order to draw the Eternal Word upon earth. And in fact She won, and She performed the greatest miracle, which no one else can do.

This is your task, my daughter: to charm Me, to bind Me so much with your interior all reordered in the Supreme Volition, as to transport It from Heaven to earth, that It may be known and have life on earth as it does in Heaven. Of all the rest you should not worry about. One who has to do the major part, has no need to do the minor; on the contrary, the field is given to others so that they may do the minor part, in order to give work to all. I know what is needed – time, place and people – and when I have to make known my greatest works, also with external prodigies. You, continue always your flight in my Will, filling Heaven and earth, charming Me so much as to make Me unable to resist performing the greatest miracle – that my Will reign in the midst of creatures.”

(L. Piccarreta, Book of Heaven, Volume 16, August 20, 1923)

Now we know!

Janet Klasson

Praying like Jesus

In this passage from Volume 11, Jesus teaches us how to pray in the Divine Will, telling Luisa, “Pray as I pray.” Thank you Lord for this glorious lesson! Fiat!

Volume 11, May 3, 1916

Universal prayer. How Jesus prayed in the Divine Will.

While I was praying, my adorable Jesus placed Himself close to me, and I could hear that He too was praying. So I began to listen to Him. Jesus told me: “My daughter, pray, but pray as I pray. Pour yourself entirely into my Will, and you will find God and all the creatures in It. You will give them to God as if they were one single creature, because the Divine Volition is the Owner of all; then you will place at the feet of the Divinity the good acts in order to give honor to It, and the bad ones in order to repair for them through the Sanctity, Power and Immensity of the Divine Will, from which nothing can escape.

This was the life of my Humanity upon earth. As Holy as It was, I still needed this Divine Volition in order to give complete satisfaction to the Father, and to redeem the human generations. In fact, only in this Divine Volition could I find all generations, past, present and future, and all their thoughts, words, acts, etc., as though in act. In this Holy Will, I took all the thoughts into my Mind – nothing could escape Me – and for each one of them in particular I placed Myself before the Supreme Majesty and I repaired them. In this same Will, I descended into the mind of each creature, giving them the good which I had pleaded for their intelligences. In my glances I took the eyes of all creatures; their words in my voice; their movements in my movements; their works in my hands; their steps in my feet; their affections and desires in my Heart; and making them my own, in the Divine Will my Humanity satisfied the Father, and I saved the poor creatures. And the Divine Father remained satisfied. He could not reject Me, He Himself being the Holy Will. Would He perhaps reject Himself? Certainly not. More so, since in these acts He found perfect Sanctity, unreachable and enrapturing Beauty, highest Love, immense and eternal acts, invincible Power… This was the whole Life of my Humanity upon earth, which continues in Heaven and in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

Now, why can’t you also do this? For one who loves Me, united with Me, everything is possible. In my Will, pray and bring before the Divine Majesty the thoughts of all within your thoughts; the glances of all in your eyes; in your words, movements, affections and desires, those of your brothers, in order to repair them and plead Light, Grace and Love for them. In my Will you will find yourself in Me and in all, you will live my Life, and will pray with Me. The Divine Father will be happy, and the whole of Heaven will say: ‘Who is calling us from earth? Who is the one who wants to compress this Holy Will within herself, enclosing all of us together?’ And how much good the earth can obtain, making Heaven descend upon earth!”

(L Piccarreta, Book of Heaven, Volume 11, May 3, 1916)

Jesus’ Descent into Limbo

Dear friends in the Divine Will. As we continue to observe the silence of the tomb, this meditation from Luisa’s Rounds of the Soul in the Divine Will can help us see how the plan of God was unfolding even in the silence of death. God is always “in act”. Let us follow in the footsteps of Luisa on this holy day, in anticipation of our Savior’s glorious resurrection. Blessed Easter!

22nd Round in the Divine Will: Jesus’ Descent into Limbo

My love, I see that You have already died, and oh, how I would like to die together with You! But unfortunately this is not given to me and so, Fiat! Fiat!… I desire to receive You in my arms to enclose your most sacred humanity within my “I love You,”[i] so that in everything You will see my “I love You”, hear my “I love You” and feel my “I love You”. My “I love You” will never leave You; indeed, your Will constitutes the life of my “I love You”. And do You know what this little child desires of You? I desire that your Divine Will which You so loved and did throughout your entire life on earth, may be made known to all souls, so that all may come to love and do your Will on earth as in heaven. This little child desires to conquer You with love by making You grant your Divine Will to all souls. I entreat You, my good Jesus, to make this poor little child happy, as I desire nothing other than that which You yourself desire, namely, that your Will be known and reign in all the world.

My deceased Jesus, I have enclosed your most sacred humanity within my “I love You, I adore You, I bless You and I thank You”, thus forming in your humanity a sepulcher, as it were, for my “I love You” and entreating You to bury the human will so that it may no longer have a life of its own. I now accompany You together with our sorrowful mother into limbo with my “I love You,” and what a moving sight it is. In this holy place I see our first father Adam, Abraham, all the patriarchs and prophets, dear St. Joseph and all the good people of the Old Testament. Oh how they rejoice in seeing You and, prostrating themselves at your holy feet, they adore You, love You and thank You. It seems, however that their celebration is not complete, for with one accord, beginning with Adam their first father, together they all cry out: “To You we give thanks for all that You have done and suffered for us. Now that You have accomplished the first part [of your Messianic mission] by redeeming us, we entreat You to accomplish the second part by making your Divine Will reign on earth as in heaven.”

My love, do You not hear the choir of these voices that are so dear to You? The Queen of Sorrows herself entreats You, and so do I: “May your Will come, may it come and reign on earth as in heaven; grant that all may come to know of your adorable Will.” Today, the day of your death is also the day of your victory – of your triumph. And would You refuse me [this day] the triumph of your Divine Will over the human will? Before leaving limbo, let me hear your sweetest voice telling me that You will grant me my request – that your Will reign and exercise dominion on earth as in heaven.

[i] Luisa enclosing Jesus’ humanity within her “I love You”, conveys a two-fold theologically reality. First, she unites her “soul” with all that which Jesus’ humanity experiences; second, she assimilates and deposits within her soul said humanity. Indeed, Luisa’s “I love You” emerged from her “soul” (cf. L. Piccarreta, volume 19, August 31, 1926). Luisa emphasizes that of the soul’s three powers (intellect, memory and will), the human will is the most “like” God, as it contains his immensity and power, and is therefore capable of bilocating itself “up to heaven or to the farthest places”, of being expanded and of enclosing all things within itself (cf. Ibid., volume 13, October 9, 1921; volume 23, December 22, 1927). Indeed every act the soul accomplishes remains sealed within its will and not one of its acts will be lost (volume 12, January 1, 1920; 24, April 6, 1931). 22ND ROUND

(L. Piccarreta, Rounds of the Soul in the Divine Will. English translations, introductions, annotations and theological presentations: Rev. Joseph Leo Iannuzzi, STD, Ph.D)

Janet Klasson

Angels in Divine Will

Blessed Holy Week in the Divine Will, dear friends.

One of our cenacle members has put together a collection of selected excerpts from the Volumes, that mention angels. The excerpts are not the full passages so if you want context you are encouraged to delve into the volumes yourselves.

A link to this document is also posted under Resources.

I think we will all be edified by what you find in this collection. God be praised! Thank you Margaret! Thank you Jesus!

Angels in Divine Will

Poem – Humble Soul

A candlelit night for all to pray
Upon their knees at the end of day

Silent words from each one’s soul
Drifting up with incense to Heaven’s bowl

Now being stirred and mixed from above
Returns to us with fragrance and love

When suddenly amid the crowd he stands
Poor and broken stretches out his hands

While walking slowly toward Holy Saint
In shabby dress he moves so quaint

Finally he touches the Saint for grace
Crossing himself, wipes a tear from his face

Silent words from his humble soul
Drifting up again to Heaven’s bowl

Being stirred and mixed once more from above
Returns only for him with fragrance and love

He felt the presence of Holy Saint
Giving him strength and courage without taint

Now turning away to end his time
He walked away as he heard the chime

It rings in his heart; only he can hear
Living life in humility, leaves nothing to fear

A humble soul, for this we yearn
As we gaze upon him, we will surely learn

Margaret – March 2023

Rounds Page

As we read the writings of Luisa, we often hear about the “Rounds” in the Divine Will. But to understand what they are and their importance, we have to go deeper. 

Please see our page, Rounds in the Divine Will (in the Resources menu) if you need assistance in understanding and doing your Rounds.

May God continue to lead and guide us all ever deeper into his Holy Will. Fiat!

“Everything in you must be sweetness and peace”

We would do well to masticate on this passage, given the ever-increasing turbulence of our time. To quote St. Teresa of Avila: “Let nothing disturb you…God alone suffices.”

Volume 7, December 3, 1906
The sweetness and the peace of the soul.

Since blessed Jesus was not coming, I felt such bitterness…; not only this, but a sort of hitch within my interior, such as to make me almost restless. Oh, God, what pain! All other pains compared to this are nothing but shadows, or rather, refreshment. Your privation alone can be given the name of pain.

Now, while I was fidgeting, He came out, in passing, from within my interior, and He said to me: “What is the matter with you? Calm yourself, calm yourself; here I am – not only with you, but in you. And then, I do not want this restless heart. Everything in you must be sweetness and peace, in such a way that it may be said of you that which is said about Me: that nothing but milk and honey flows within Me, symbolizing sweetness with honey, and peace with milk. I am so filled and soaked with them, that they pour out from my eyes, from my mouth, and from all of my works. And if you are not likewise, I feel dishonored by you, because, while the One who is all peace and sweetness dwells within you, you do not honor Me by showing even the slightest shadow of a resentful and restless heart. I love this sweetness and peace so much, that even if it were about something great concerning my honor and glory, I do not want, I never approve, resentful, violent, fiery manners, but rather, sweet and peaceful manners. In fact, sweetness alone is that which binds hearts like a chain, in such a way that they cannot unbind themselves. It is like pitch that sticks to them and they cannot free themselves, and are forced to say: ‘In this soul there is the finger of God, for we cannot act otherwise.’ And then, if I do not like a resentful manner, not even creatures will like it. If one speaks about or deals with things, even of God, with manners that are not sweet and peaceful, it is a sign that he does not have his passions in order; and one who does not keep himself in order, cannot order others. Therefore, be careful with anything which is not sweetness and peace, if you do not want to dishonor Me.”

(L. Piccarreta, Book of Heaven, Volume 7, December 3, 1906)

Introductory Leaflet

Blessings in the Divine Will, dear brothers and sisters! In the fall of 2022, our group started talking about putting together a concise leaflet that could help us spread the messages of Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta. The difficulty was in making concise the “volumes” of teachings Jesus gave to Luisa on the Gift of Living in the Divine Will. We discerned that our message needed to be a basic “what and why” document, leaving the “how” for future discussion. By the Holy Spirit alone was this accomplished. This leaflet is God’s work and therefore belongs to all in the Divine Will family.


We originally used the term “brochure” but thought that sounded too business-like, so we started calling it a “leaflet”. At Mass it came to me that this in itself is a Divine Will message. What is a leaflet? It is the smallest of leaves (we know our nothingness). It is light as a feather (completely detached) and so can soar higher (into the very Divine Will) than the bigger leaves. It can also go farther (to all times and places), and it blows wherever the wind of God sends it (Fiat!).

Everything about this leaflet has been a gift from God including the gifts he gave those of us who worked together on it.


We have had three confirmations from outside sources that our little leaflet is meant to fly. I asked three people knowledgeable about the Divine Will to have a look at it. One said it was a very good introduction to the Divine Will and asked if their group could use it! Another verified that the facts in it were correct. And the thirdsaid it should be shared without delay!


In addition we have had a stunning confirmation in the image you see on the leaflet, which was received in a mystical experience by three Divine Will sisters at the time when we were putting it together. Here is their story:

“On October 21, 2022, three of us from the Leduc Divine Will Cenacle came together for a one-night retreat at Mount Carmel Spirituality Center. This was where our local Cenacle had its beginning two years before, on September 8, the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. (For Christians, the number 8 represents the beginning of new life.)

“After choosing our cabins, we met in the dining hall to eat a meal together. After dinner we decided to go up to the Chapel to spend time with the Lord. Using my flashlight, we took the stairs to reach the chapel, and after a few steps up I looked down at the light beam that was directed on the step ahead of us. I stopped because the light on the step caught my attention. I mentioned to my sisters that it looked like a Eucharistic host with a cross in it. They too agreed. I moved the flashlight closer, and it looked as though there was a baby in the womb, at the bottom of the inner circle. My friend saw in it a side profile of Jesus’ face with the crown of thorns. The light was brighter surrounding the inner circle, with diffused light all around, with a second and third circle as well. We all knew that the three rings stood for the Sacrosanct Trinity and the Fiats of Creation, Redemption and Sanctification. Later that evening I drew a rough sketch of the image.

“The following morning, we came together to talk about the sketch, and the three of us were amazed with how unified we were in our sharing and with the whole experience. Here is the finished image:

Image received and rendered in 2022 by members of the Children of the Divine Will of Luisa Piccarreta, Edmonton Canada.
Permission is given for private use by Divine Will groups and individuals.

“Symbolism as follows:

  • At the center is the Fiat of Creation, with the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost concurring in all things.
  • The second ring is the Fiat of Redemption.
  • The large ring is the coming Fiat of Sanctification, when the Holy Spirit will come in His fullness, to bring about the fulfillment of the Our Father Prayer.
  • While tracing out the center ring with a round metal cookie cutter, the sun shining through the window caused a heart to appear, radiating light near the bottom of the ring. I knew that in the image, Jesus had to be enclosed in this heart with the flames of His love burning for souls.
  • The droplets of fire are the “suns” spoken about in the writings of Luisa Piccarreta. They indicate the Love of God that we return to Him in each of our acts and rounds done in the Divine Will, that have an effect on all creation past, present, and future in God’s One Eternal Act. Some of the droplets are shown entering the outer flames into the fullness of God’s Divine Will. If we desire to do His Will, he will make it happen. Fiat!
  • The Cross of purifying light intersects the image and radiates through everything. The Cross cannot be separated from the Divine Will and its significance is expounded upon in the writings of Luisa.
  • Our Lady’s blue mantle is the backdrop of the Three Fiats, she who is Queen of the Divine Will.
  • The image was given through a little circle of light that shone in the darkness. That is what we are called to be. Glory!!!”

Leaflet launched on the Feast of Christ the King!

According to the providential plan of our King, we let the leaflet fly on the Feast of Christ the King 2022. May His kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

Permission to use

We are happy to let others in the Divine Will family use the little leaflet, leaflet text, or image to spread the Divine Will teachings to those you feel may be interested. I personally think it is best to hand it out to people you know or who know you. The value of a personal connection cannot be overestimated. And we don’t want the teachings to be scorned by those who don’t appreciate their value.

Please feel free to change it to suit your personal or group needs and don’t forget to put your name and contact information on the leaflet so those who respond to God’s call may easily contact you. And don’t be discouraged if you don’t get much response. You will have planted a seed, and seeds need time to sprout and grow, which is God’s work.


If you want to hand it to a priest you know, it is a good idea to listen to Fr. Iannuzzi’s Radio Maria podcast from Nov 12, 2022. In it he speaks of the importance and necessity of priests as teachers of the Divine Will, and especially priests who are trained in theology. This does not mean others can’t teach it but that they can’t teach authoritatively or theologically. This is important. He suggests a disclaimer on the video.

Priests were essential to Luisa’s mission and are essential to bringing about the new era. Here is a quote from Medjugorje visionary Mirjana Soldo from her book, My Heart Will Triumph:

“I wish I could divulge more about what will happen in the future, but I can say one thing about how the priesthood relates to the secrets. We have this time that we are living in now, and we have the time of the triumph of Our Lady’s heart. Between these two times we have a bridge, and that bridge is our priests. Our Lady continually asks us to pray for our shepherds as she calls them, because the bridge needs to be strong enough for all of us to cross it to the time of the triumph. In her message of October 2, 2010, she said, ‘Only alongside your shepherds will my heart triumph.’ ”

(Soldo, Mirjana. Chapter 30, My Heart Will Triumph, Catholic Shop Publishing, 2016, p. 325)

May the little leaflet fly! To paraphrase Isaiah 55:11: Divine Majesty, may your word that goes out from your mouth not return to you empty, but may it accomplish that which you purpose, and succeed in the thing for which you sent it. And may God’s most adorable Will alone be done on earth as it is in heaven! Fiat!


Leaflet – A4 paper size

Leaflet – 8.5 x 11 paper size

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Janet Klasson