A cautionary message…are we listening?

Volume 4, April 4, 1902By destroying moral goods, physical and temporal goods are also destroyed. The power of reason and of humility. Continuing in my usual state, my adorable Jesus keeps coming, but almost always in silence; or rather, He says to me something pertaining to the truth, but it happens that as long asContinue reading “A cautionary message…are we listening?”

The Divine Will veiled within created things

Volume 20, November 4, 1926 I was thinking to myself:  ‘When my sweet Jesus speaks about His Will, He always touches upon Creation, for the most part.  How is it?’  Jesus, moving again, told me:  “My daughter, one who must live in the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, must have, as her beginning, her originContinue reading “The Divine Will veiled within created things”

Blessed Feast of the Divine Will!

By Janet Klasson Blessed Feast Day of the Divine Will, dear friends. Our Lady’s Assumption into Heaven put all of Heaven in feast! Here is a glorious passage from Volume 36 in which Jesus tells us something of the debt of gratitude we owe to Our Beautiful Mother for her continuous and unending Fiat! O Jesus,Continue reading “Blessed Feast of the Divine Will!”

God’s Will Is Always Holy

By Janet Klasson “Your Will is always Holy and whatever way I will be in It, I shall be fine.”  (L. Piccarreta, Book of Heaven, Volume 8, June 25, 1907) I first read the book Abandonment to Divine Providence by Rev. Jean-Pierre de Caussade many years ago. It shaped my spirituality and I believe was one of the waysContinue reading “God’s Will Is Always Holy”

Hoping Against Hope…

Hoping against hope, (Abraham) believed that he would become ‘the father of many nations’, according to what was said, ‘So numerous shall your descendants be.’  Romans 4:18 Blessings dear friends. When I came across this passage today, I felt I had to share it with you. We are in a time that seems bereft ofContinue reading “Hoping Against Hope…”