We invite you to explore the items in this menu (under “Luisa” above) in order to get to know a little better the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta. the “Little Daughter of the Divine Will”, and learn about her extraordinary mission. These writings will serve up a little taste of the glory of God’s plan for the next phase of salvation history, and your own personal call to participate in it. Like so many of us, Luisa’s writings made sense of the yearnings of our hearts for something more. Oh yes, dear soul, the Lord has more, so much more, in mind for you. Enter into the Divine Will, come and see. Fiat!

Jesus to Luisa: This is the point we are at: your will is about to enter Heaven, and Mine is about to descend upon earth. Therefore, yours must have life no longer; it must have no reason to exist.

This happened to my Humanity, which, though having a human will, was all intent on giving life to the Divine Will. It never decided by itself, not even to breathe, but it took and gave also its breath in the Divine Will.

And so the Eternal Will reigned in my Humanity on earth as It does in Heaven; It lived Its terrestrial Life in it, and my human will, fully sacrificed to the Divine, impetrated that, at the appropriate time, It would descend upon earth, to live in the midst of creatures, just as It lives in Heaven. Don’t you want to give my Will the first place on earth?”

L. Piccarreta, Book of Heaven, Volume 16, October 16, 1923
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