Luisa’s Mission

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Luisa:  ‘My beloved Jesus, who knows when this Kingdom will come!’  And He:  “My daughter, in order for Redemption to come, it took four thousand years, because the people that prayed and longed for the future Redeemer was smaller, of limited number.  But those which belong to my Church are more peoples and – oh, how much greater in number than that one!  Therefore, the number will shorten the time; more so, since religion is making its way everywhere, and this is nothing but the preparation of the Kingdom of my Divine Will.”

L. Piccarreta, Book of Heaven, Volume 24, May 26, 1928

Four thousand years after the Fall of Adam, Jesus, the new Adam, and Mary, the new Eve, made it possible through the Fiat of Redemption, for the triumphal act to take place. God sent the Holy Spirit to establish and continually purify his Church over the course of 2000 years, in preparation for the Kingdom of the Divine Will. Finally, all that was missing was one human being, born in original sin, who would make the ultimate sacrifice, to exchange her human will for the Divine Will. That soul was little Luisa Piccarreta.

In the writings, Jesus often calls Luisa the Little Newborn of the Divine Will (or Little Daughter of the Divine Will), the little one he commissioned to raise the curtain on this imminent, triumphal act in God’s plan—to return humanity to the Order, the Place, and the Purpose for which He created them.

Luisa grew in the Gift of Living in the Divine Will from an early age and received four mystical marriages. The fourth she received at age 35, at which time she came to possess the fullness of the Gift of the Divine Will, never to leave it again. Fr. Iannuzzi refers to this as “actualization of the Gift”.

Once the Gift was actualized in Luisa, the door was opened for us to receive it too. God always begins with one small soul. Now, the Lord is calling many more souls to participate in calling forth the Kingdom of the Divine Will, where God’s Will shall be done on earth as in heaven.

The more people there are that desire this Gift and learn about it, the sooner the Immaculate Heart will triumph, and the Kingdom of the Divine Will come to reign.

This is not the Second Coming of Christ, but a restoration of life on earth as God meant it to be from the beginning, where his laws are written on our hearts, where we can be his people and he can be our God. It is the fulfillment of the prayer Jesus taught us and that we have been praying for 2000 years, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. 

It is a call for God’s faithful to cooperate in bringing about the Era of Peace, the longed-for sabbath rest—a return to the Order, the Place, and the Purpose for which we were created. Fiat!

Jesus to Luisa: “My daughter, man degraded himself and lost all goods because he went out of my Divine Will.  In order to ennoble himself, to reacquire everything and receive the rehabilitation of the marriage with his Creator, he must enter once again the Divine Fiat from which he came. 

There are no ways in the middle; not even my Redemption is enough to make man return to the beginning of the happy era of his creation.  Redemption is means, way, light, help – but not the end.  The end is my Will, because my Will was the beginning, and by justice, one who is the beginning must also be the end.  Therefore, humanity must be enclosed in my Divine Will to be given back her noble origin, her happiness, and to put the marriage with her Creator in force once again. 

This is why the great good that my Redemption did to man is not enough for Our Love, but It yearns for more.  True Love is never content; only then is It content, when It can say:  ‘I have nothing else to give him.’  And knowing that man can return to be happy, victorious and glorious in the noble state in which he was created by God – and this, by means of my Will reigning in their midst – this is why all the divine yearnings, the sighs, the manifestations are directed toward making Our Will known to make It reign, so as to be able to say to Our Love:  ‘Calm Yourself, for Our beloved child has reached his destiny.  He is now in possession of Our inheritance that was given to him in Creation, which is Our Fiat! 

And while he possesses what is Ours, We possess him.  Therefore, the marriage is established once again, the spouses have returned to their place of honor; there is nothing left but to celebrate and enjoy a good so great, after such a long sorrow’.”

L. Piccarreta, Book of Heaven, Volume 24, June 16, 1928

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