Rounds in the Divine Will

“Sing gratefully to God from your hearts in psalms, hymns, and inspired songs.” (Colossians 3:16)

Jesus to Luisa: “Therefore, my daughter, if you want to soothe my sorrow, come often into my Will and give Me, in the name of all, adoration, love, gratitude and thanksgiving for everything.”

(L. Piccarreta, Book of Heaven, Volume 12, January 9, 1920)

As we read the writings of Luisa, we often hear about the “Rounds” in the Divine Will. But to understand what they are and their importance, we have to go deeper. On the surface Rounds can be described as simple and beautiful prayer of praise and gratitude. However, in his Introduction to Luisa’s work entitled, The Rounds of the Soul in the Divine Will, Rev. Joseph Iannuzzi STD, Ph.D., explains the critical importance of imitating Luisa in praying the Rounds. This annotated document helps clarify for us the concepts we didn’t even know we should consider. He explains that after Adam sinned, God’s design for the material cosmos was frustrated. That is, frustrated but not ended, for the restoration is now underway through the Gift of Living in the Divine Will, and the Rounds in particular. He explains:

this design is restored through the prayers of Jesus and Mary, and of those souls that live in his Will; such souls love God in and through creation, thereby restoring its rightful claims to the freedom it enjoyed before Original Sin. It may be argued that St. Paul foresaw the prayers and divine acts of these souls, i.e., these “sons of God”, who would “set creation free from its slavery to corruption” (Rom. 8.21).

[…] In the following pages you will discover the way in which Luisa’s soul made its flight throughout God’s “Fiats” of Creation, Redemption and Sanctification. In these three Fiats the soul’s prayers impact all creation, and the events and lives of the personages of the Old and New Testaments, in particular, the Holy Family of Nazareth.

(Rev. J. Iannuzzi, Introduction. The Rounds of the Soul in the Divine Will.

Sister Assunta Marigliano, founder of the Pious Association Luisa Piccarreta, Little Children of the Divine Will in Corato ( has written a comprehensive and clear teaching on the Rounds. In her little document she also shows us how to turn prayers into Rounds, such as the Hours of the Passion. You may download that booklet here.

Sister Assunta has also written a collection of Round Booklets, a sub-set of which reflect the liturgical seasons, and one of which extols the Divine Attributes. They are styled on the Liturgy of the Hours. The booklets are linked below.

While many lay people with jobs and families might find it difficult to complete on any given day the entire set of prayers as they are set up in those booklets, we can still benefit by meditating on a section or more during the day.

If you read what Fr. Iannuzzi and Sr. Assunta have written you will have a very clear understanding of the Rounds. Once you understand what they are, why they are so important, and especially how to make sure we are doing them in the Divine Will, then we can find little ways to glorify God constantly.

Fusing yourself into Jesus is necessary, as that is what allows God to do in us what we cannot do on our own. Without fusing it is ordinary human gratitude; with fusing God elevates it to a Divine Act affecting all times and places. Read more about fusing here: Fusing / Acts / Rounds – Queen of the Divine Will. (See below for a glorious fusing prayer from the Volumes.)

In fact, there are as many ways to do Rounds in the Divine Will as there are people and minutes in the day. Fusing in the Divine Will we can make a “return” of the love he has placed in all created things by saying, “I love you too!” whenever we see a sunset, rainbow, a dew-covered spider web, a busy ant hill, even a blade of grass. This is a beautiful, spontaneous way of doing the Rounds, and you will find that once you start looking for the Creator in creation, He will surprise you with even more glorious finds in a delightful game of I-love-you-too-hide-and-seek!

If you can’t get out much into nature, you can put on a nature video, fuse yourself in Jesus in his Humanity, his Divinity, and his Will, and place your “I love you, I adore you, I bless you and I thank you in the name of all” on the artistry, variety, color, majesty, intricacy, harmony, etc., that you see displayed.

Or you can shut your eyes and ask God to show you what you should thank him for, and for which you need to make your return of his love on behalf of all creation.

You may also ask the Lord to take you on Rounds of the universe in your sleep and to make your every breath and heartbeat an “I love you” for each atom of all creation in the name of all creation.

A simple prayer like this one can be prayed several times a day to make your day one continuous Round: My Beloved Good, Jesus, dissolving my will into yours, I continue, with every breath and heartbeat, making my Rounds in the Divine Fiat to unite myself to all the Acts done by It [the Divine Fiat] for love of us all, Its creatures. Fiat!

Hymns are a lovely way to praise God for his Fiats of Creation, Redemption and Sanctification, such as: “For the Beauty of the Earth”, “All the Ends of the Earth”, All Creatures of Our God and King”, etc. God made us to be the voice of voiceless creation as is beautifully exemplified in the song, O Will of God, by Hugh and Maria Owen.

While my comments have focused on the Rounds of Creation, Luisa’s Rounds also include rounds of Redemption and Sanctification, better explained by Luisa, Fr. Iannuzzi and Sister Assunta!

Giving the last word to Luisa, here are two excerpts from the Volumes:

Volume 12, January 9, 1920

I was praying, and with my thought I was fusing myself in the Eternal Volition; and bringing myself before the Supreme Majesty, I said: ‘Eternal Majesty, I come to your feet in the name of the whole human family, from the first to the last man of the future generations, to adore You profoundly. At your Most Holy feet I want to seal the adorations of all; I come to recognize You in the name of all as Creator and absolute ruler of all. I come to love You for all and for each one; I come to return love to You for all, because of each created thing, in which You placed so much love that the creature will never find enough love to repay You in love. But in your Will I find this love, and wanting that my love, as well as the other acts, be complete, full and for all, I have come into your Will where everything is immense and eternal, and where I can find love to be able to love You for all. So, I love You for each star You have created; I love You for all the drops of light and for all the intensity of heat which You have placed in the Sun…’ But who can tell all that my poor mind was saying? I would be too long; therefore I stop here.

Now, while I was doing this, a thought told me: ‘How is it, and in what way did Our Lord place rivers of love for the creature in each created thing? And a light answered my thought: “Indeed, my daughter, my Love poured out in torrents toward the creature in each created thing. I told you elsewhere and I confirm to you now that, as my uncreated Love created the Sun, It placed oceans of love in it. In each drop of light which was to inundate the eye, the step, the hand, and everything of the creature, my Love ran toward her; and almost pounding sweetly on her eye, hand, step and mouth, It gives her my eternal kiss and It holds out my Love to her. Together with light, runs the heat, and pounding on her again, a little more strongly, almost impatient for the love of the creature, to the extent of pelting her, I repeat to her more intensely my eternal ‘I love you.’ And if the Sun fecundates the plants with Its light and heat, it is my Love that runs to nourish man; and if I extended the heavens above man’s head, studding it with stars, it is my Love that, wanting to delight the eyes of man, also at night, repeats to him my ‘I love you’ in every sparkling of star… So, each created thing holds out my Love to man; and if it were not so, Creation would have no purpose; and I do nothing without purpose. Everything has been made for man; but man does not recognize it, and he has turned into sorrow for Me.

Therefore, my daughter, if you want to soothe my sorrow, come often into my Will and give Me, in the name of all, adoration, love, gratitude and thanksgiving for everything.”

(L. Piccarreta, Book of Heaven, Volume 12, January 9, 1920)

Volume 24, July 4, 1928

Continuing my round in the Divine Fiat, I was thinking to myself:  ‘What is the utility of these continuous repetitions in asking over and over again for the Kingdom of the Divine Will?  …And of the repetition of going around in It in order to commit It to grant Its Kingdom, so that It may come to dominate in the midst of creatures?’  At that moment, my beloved Jesus moved in my interior and told me:  “My daughter, when one wants to make a purchase he pays advances, and the more advances he gives, the more the purchase is secured, and the less remains to be paid when he comes to the final acts of the definitive purchase.  Now, since you want the Kingdom of my Will, it is necessary for you to give advances, and every time you go around in It asking for Its Kingdom over and over again, and emitting your acts on behalf of all for the same purpose, you add one more advance to secure your purchase of the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat.  And since it is the purchase of It [Kingdom of the Divine Will] that you want to make, it is necessary that your acts be done in It, and acquire the value of the currency coined by my Divine Will.  Otherwise, it would not be a valid currency that could circulate for the purchase of It – it would be a currency from outside the Kingdom.  In fact, one who wants to purchase Divine Will, must give acts of advance done in It, and my Will benignly deigns to coin them with the value of Its Fiat, in such a way that the soul can give the necessary advances for the purchase of It.

This is the utility of your little rounds in my Fiat.  The acts that you emit in It, your asking and asking for the coming of Its Kingdom, are all necessary things which are needed for the great purchase of It.  Did I not do the same in Redemption?  I had to pay the advance of my acts before my Celestial Father, and I had to pay for all to obtain the Kingdom of Redemption; and when I made the whole payment, then was it signed by the Divinity that the Kingdom was Mine.  Therefore, continue to place your advances, if you want to have it signed that the Kingdom of my Fiat is yours.”

After this, I was saying to my Jesus:  “In your Will I take the whole Creation in my arms – the heavens, the Sun, the stars and everything – to bring them before the Supreme Majesty as the most beautiful adoration and prayer to ask for the Kingdom of the Fiat.’  But while I was doing this, I thought to myself:  ‘How can I embrace everything if my littleness is such that I could embrace not even one star?  What about everything?  So, these things are not feasible.’  And my lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, one who possesses my Divine Will can take everything.  My Will has the virtue of rendering anything light; It renders heavens, stars, suns, the whole of Creation, Angels, Saints, the Virgin Queen and God Himself light  as a feather.  In fact, since my Divine Will flows as primary life in everything, one is the life, one is the weight; so, whatever the weight of all things together is, such is the weight of each of them.  Therefore, only one who possesses my Fiat can take everything and give Me everything, because having the virtue of extending heavens, of forming stars, etc., wherever It is, she has the virtue of taking everything and of embracing everything.  This is indeed the great prodigy of the living in my Will:  littleness can carry and embrace immensity, weakness can carry strength, the nothing can possess the All, the creature the Creator.  Wherever there is the life of my Divine Will, there are all prodigies united together.  The Infinite, the Eternal, lets Himself be carried as though in triumph in the little arms of the one who lives in It, because in her He looks, not at her, but at the Divine Will that has the right over everything, can do anything and embrace everything; and so she can give everything to her Creator as her own.  In fact, was it, perhaps, not my Fiat that extended the heavens and populated them with stars?  If It had the virtue of making them, It also has the virtue of embracing them, and of letting them be carried in triumph, like a light feather, by the creature who lives in Its Divine Will.  Therefore, continue your flight in It [Divine Will], and you will do everything, to give Me everything, and to ask Me for everything.”

(L. Piccarreta, Book of Heaven, Volume 24, July 4, 1928)

May God continue to lead and guide ever deeper into his Most Holy Divine Will! Fiat!

The Round in the Kingdom of the Divine Will downloadable booklets, by Sr. Assunta (It may take a few minutes for the booklet to load.)

Round in Lent

Round in Ordinary time

Round in Easter time

Round in Advent

Round of Divine Attributes

And if you prefer video to print…

Queen of the Divine Will has linked to video arrangements of Luisa’s Rounds here.

Fr. Celso has a series of teachings on the Rounds here.

Fusing prayer

The Sign of the Cross is the most simple fusing prayer there is, as long as you form the intention to fuse with the Trinity as you pray it. Here is a fusing prayer from the Volumes that is also a Rounds prayer.

Volume 17, May 17, 1925

I fuse myself in the Order of Grace, in all that the SANCTIFIER has done and will do to those who are to be sanctified…I come to give love in return for everything which the SANCTIFIER does to those who are to be sanctified. I come to enter into the Order of Grace, to give glory and return of love, as if all had become Saints, and to repair You for all the opposition and lack of correspondence to Grace…I make my own Your Sorrow, Your secret Moans, Your anguishing Sighs in the depths of the hearts, on seeing Yourself unwelcome. SPIRIT SANCTIFIER, hurry, I implore You, I beg You, let everyone know Your Will, so that, in knowing IT, they may love IT and welcome Your prime Act of their complete sanctification – which is Your Holy Will!

(L. Piccarreta, Book of Heaven, Volume 17, May 17, 1925)

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  1. So many books to enrich us in the Kingdom of Div Will! Thankyou for sharing the different ways to access them. Fiat!


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