The Writings

Luisa writing in her journal.

Luisa: Continuing to let copying be done from my writings of what Jesus had told me on the virtues, I was feeling such repugnance as to feel I was dying; and I said to myself: ‘Others have the inventory of their things done after their death; I am the only one who has had the harsh lot of having to do it myself while I am still alive. Ah, Lord, give me the strength to make this sacrifice!’

Then, in addition to this, the Confessor let me know the way they will follow when they put them out. Oh, God, what pain! I felt embittered deep into the marrow of my bones. And blessed Jesus, on coming, seeing me so embittered, told me: “My daughter, what is it? Why do you afflict yourself so much? It is my glory, my honor, that demands this, and you should be happy about it.

Do you think that it is the creatures that want this, that do it, and that command you? No, no; it is I Who overwhelm everything; Who push them and enlighten them. And many times I am not listened to, otherwise they would hasten more and would show more interest, and I am forced to push them more strongly so that my Will may be accomplished.

You would rather wait until after your death, but my Will does not want to wait. Besides, it is true that you have the link and the graft with my Will, but here it is not about you – but about Me. It is about making known the effects, the qualities, the value contained in my Will operating in the creature, when she lives in It.

And then, if you do not want interest yourself – you who know how much I care, and how I ardently yearn for the effects of my Will to be known, from which I will receive the complete Glory of Creation and the fulfillment of Redemption Itself… Oh, how many effects are still suspended, both in Creation and in Redemption, because my Will is not known and does not have Its true Kingdom in the creature! And since It does not reign, the human will remains always the slave of itself.

Do you think that others will interest themselves in it after your death? Oh, how many things which I have manifested to souls are buried for lack of those who would interest themselves in my works! But if I have tolerated this with other things, I will not tolerate it with my Will. I will give so much grace to those who will put themselves at work, that they will not be able to resist Me. But the most interesting and essential part I want from you (Luisa).”

L. Piccarreta, Book of Heaven, Volume 14, September 15, 1922

In this passage we can see that the writings are both cross and triumph. For Luisa the writing was a huge cross; for Jesus, Luisa’s cross was the longing of his heart and the vehicle of his triumph.

As often happens with true mystics, including St. Faustina, Luisa’s writings were put on the Vatican’s Index of Forbidden Books for a few decades, mainly due to poor interpretation of the obscure Italian dialect Luisa used. In 1994, Cardinal Ratzinger released the Volumes, which was a key step in the realization of the message.

Some significant events in the release of the writings as follows:

·         February 2, 1996   Feast of the Presentation – Pope John Paul II, through the office of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, permits copying original volumes of Luisa which were contained in Vatican Archives;

·         June 2nd & December 18th, 1997   Rev. Antonio Resta and Rev. Cosimo Reho—two Church appointed theologians—submit their evaluations of Luisa’s writings to the Diocesan tribunal, affirming nothing contrary to Catholic Faith or Morals is contained therein;*

·         July 24, 2010   The two Theological Censors appointed by the Holy See to review the Writings of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta give their approval;

·       (2015)  An official biography of Luisa’s life entitled, The Sun of My Will is published by the Vatican in 2015;

·         June 30, 2018   The “Typical Critical Edition of the Writings of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta” is completed (this includes all 36 Volumes of the Book of Heaven). The translators handed Padre Sergio Pellegrini and Signor Michele Colonna (president of the Association Luisa Piccarreta – Corato, Italy) the completed translation of all the Volumes of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta from the Italian dialect into Typical Italian. Padre Sergio is now reviewing the Typical Critical Edition for completeness and accuracy. After which, the Typical Critical Edition of Luisa’s Writings will be submitted to the Vatican’s Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith for their approval.

·         August 19, 2018   Michele Colonna, president of the Pious Association Luisa Piccarreta Little Children of the Divine Will in Corato, Italy announced that the Vatican has given permission to move the body of Luisa from the side of Santa Maria Greca Church where she has been since July 3, 1963 to the front of the Church at the side Altar of the Holy Spirit. This is a great sign that the Vatican recognizes her heroic sanctity.

(*The second point in this list is taken from the writings of Fr. Iannuzzi. The remainder are listed at 

Rev. Joseph Iannuzzi Ph. B, STB, M. Div., STL, STD., has given permission to download and print the Volumes at (There is also an audio version available.) They are posted with this proviso: “These Volumes are made available for sharing and reading within prayer groups and cenacles dedicated to Luisa Piccarreta and for Private Use Only as we await the release of the Critical Version from The Vatican. Although these are the unofficial translations, they are considered relatively accurate, (approximately 90%), as per the review conducted by Reverend Father Joseph Iannuzzi, Ph. B, STB, M. Div., STL, STD., on behalf of The School of Mary at Mary’s Hill.”

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