Luisa’s Writings

The Volumes


We have permission to download and print copies of the 36 Volumes of the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta from under the following caveat from Fr. Iannuzzi:

“These Volumes are made available for sharing and reading within prayer groups and cenacles dedicated to Luisa Piccarreta and for Private Use Only as we await the release of the Critical Version from The Vatican. Although these are the unofficial translations, they are considered relatively accurate, (approximately 90%), as per the review conducted by Reverend Father Joseph Iannuzzi, Ph. B, STB, M. Div., STL, STD., on behalf of The School of Mary at Mary’s Hill.”

We also have permission to download and print the Volumes from (Their Resources menu also has links to excellent audio teachings on the writings by Frances Hogan.)

The translations may have some minor variations between them. At cenacles we use the latter one, but either one is very good.

Other Writings

Other important writings from the pen of Luisa may be found at (Check the downloads link.) Must-reads include:

  • The Three Appeals
  • The Twenty-Four Hours of the Passion
  • The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will
  • Letters

Many of these documents and more can also be found on

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