The Divine Will veiled within created things

Volume 20, November 4, 1926

I was thinking to myself:  ‘When my sweet Jesus speaks about His Will, He always touches upon Creation, for the most part.  How is it?’  Jesus, moving again, told me:  “My daughter, one who must live in the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, must have, as her beginning, her origin and everything that my Will has done and is doing for love of her.  In fact, my Will is not loved because It is not known.  Now, Creation is the speaking life of my Will. In all created things my Will is hidden like a noble queen who, before going out, wants to be recognized.  Knowledge will tear the veil that hides It, so as to go out and reign in the midst of Its children.  Who can make known what my Will does for love of creatures with an act ever present, better than Creation, which is looked at and touched by everyone?

My daughter, look at the passionate love of this noble Queen.  She reaches the point of veiling Herself with earth in order to render it firm, so that man may walk safely on it.  And as he walks over the veil of earth which hides Her, She takes the soles of his feet in Her little hands, noble and royal, so that man may not stagger, to give him a firm step.  And while holding, through mother earth, the soles of man tightly to Her noble breast, She would want to go out, unveiling Herself of the veil of earth that covers Her, but man walks over Her without even paying attention to see who is sustaining his step; who maintains that great mass of earth so firmly for him, so that he may not stagger.  And the noble Queen continues to remain veiled with earth, waiting to be recognized with unspeakable patience, which only a Divine Will can possess, in order to be loved and to narrate Her long story and all that She has done for love of man, veiled by this earth.  Her love is so great that many times She feels the necessity to tear that veil of earth which covers Her; and making use of Her dominion, She shakes the earth, and with Her empire hides cities and peoples within Her womb, so that man may know that inside that earth, under his feet, there is a Will, ruling and dominating, which loves and is not loved, and which, sorrowful, shakes Itself to make Itself known.

In the Gospel, one can read with amazement of when, prostrated at the feet of my Apostles, I washed their feet; and I did not skip even the perfidious Judas.  This act, which the Church remembers, was certainly very humble and of unspeakable tenderness, but I did it only once.  My Will, instead, descends even lower; It places Itself under their feet with a continuous act in order to sustain them, to render the earth firm, so that they may not fall into the abyss.  Yet, no attention.  This noble Queen is waiting with invincible patience, veiled for so many centuries, that her Will become known.  And when It is known, She will tear the many veils that hide Her, and will make known what She has done for so many centuries, for love of man.  She will say unheard-of things, excesses of love, which no one has ever thought about.  This is why, when I speak to you about my Will, I often speak about Creation – because my Will is life of all created things, and through them, It gives life to all; and this life wants to be known so that the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat may come.

Everywhere my Will is veiled.  It is veiled in the wind, and from within those veils, It brings man Its refrigerating freshness by caressing him, and Its regenerative breath in order to regenerate him continuously to new life, ever growing in grace.  But the noble Queen, veiled in the wind, feels Her caresses being rejected into offenses, Her freshness into ardors of human passions, and Her regenerative breath being returned with a deadly breath against Her grace.  So She shakes Her veils, and the wind turns into fury; with its impetuosity, it sweeps away peoples, cities and regions as if they were feathers, making known the power of the noble Queen hidden in the wind.  There is not one created thing in which my Will is not veiled.  Therefore, all of them are waiting for It to become known, and for the coming of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat and of Its full triumph.”

(L. Piccarreta, Book of Heaven, Volume 20, November 4, 1926)

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