Why no miracles?

I came across this passage recently and thought it might answer a question you didn’t know you had.

We always pray for miracles but given that the Divine Will is Divine holiness, we may wonder why we don’t see more of them. Here is the answer:

Volume 16, August 20, 1923

Living in the Divine Will is not an individual Sanctity, but, like the Sun, it is for the universal good: It is the greatest miracle. So is the Celestial Mama, more than a silent Sun, in order to be the Queen of the Sanctity of the Saints, and Mother and Bearer of the Divine Life to all.

I was thinking to myself: ‘My good Jesus says many marvelous things about His Will, and how there is no greater, higher or holier thing than the soul whom He calls to live in His Will. If it were so, who knows how many marvelous things I should be doing, how many amazing things, also externally… On the contrary, there is nothing charming or striking; rather, I feel the most abject and insignificant of all, who does nothing good, while the Saints – how much good did they not do? Amazing things, miracles… Yet, He says that the living in His Will leaves all Saints behind.’

Now, while these and other thoughts were passing through my mind, my Jesus moved in my interior, and with His usual Light told me: “My daughter, when a Sanctity is individual, in time and space, it has more external prodigies in order to attract those individuals, places and times, to receive the grace and the good which that sanctity contains. On the other hand, the Sanctity of living in my Will is not an individual sanctity, assigned to do good to certain places, to certain people and to certain times; rather, it is a Sanctity which has to do good to all, in all times and in all places. It is a Sanctity which remains eclipsed in the Eternal Sun of my Will, which, invading all, is Light without speech, fire without wood, without clamor, without smoke; but in spite of this, it does not cease to be the most majestic, the most beautiful, the most fecund. Its Light is more pure, Its heat more intense, and the true image of it is the Sun which illuminates our horizon – it illuminates all, but without clamor. It is Light, but has no speech; it says nothing to anyone – the good it does, the seeds it fecundates, the life it gives to all plants, and how it purifies the polluted air with its heat, and destroys all that can be noxious to all humanity. It is so silent that, even though they have it with them, they pay no attention to it. But in spite of this, it does not cease to be majestic and beautiful, and to continue the good it does for all. And if the sun were missing, everyone would cry over it, since the greatest miracle of fecundity and preservation of all nature would be missing.

The Sanctity of living in my Will is more than Sun. A soul who is upright and fully ordered in my Will is more than an army in battle. Her intelligence is ordered and bound to the Eternal Intelligence; her heartbeats, affections, desires, are ordered with eternal bonds. Therefore, her thoughts, her Will and all her interior, are armies of messengers which come from her and which fill Heaven and earth; they are speaking voices; they are weapons which defend all, and first of all, their God. They bring good to all; they are the true Celestial and Divine militia which the Supreme Majesty keeps all ordered within Itself, always ready at all Its commands.

And then, there is the example of my Mama, true Sanctity of living in my Will, with her interior all eclipsed in the Eternal Sun of the Supreme Volition. Having to be the Queen of the Sanctity of the Saints, and Mother and Bearer of my Life to all, and therefore of all goods, she remained as though hidden in all, bringing good without making herself recognized. More than a silent Sun, she brought Light without speech, Fire without clamor, Good without exposing herself. There was no good which did not come from Her; there was no miracle which was not unleashed from Her. By living in my Will, she lived hidden within all, and she was and is the origin of the goods of all.

She was so enraptured in God, so fixed and ordered in the Divine Will, that all her interior swam in the sea of the Eternal Volition. She was aware of all the interior of all creatures, and she placed her own in order to reorder them before God. It was exactly the interior of man, more than the outside, to be in greater need of being re-done and reordered; and so, having to do the major part, it seemed that she did the minor, while she was the origin of both external and interior good. Yet, apparently it seemed that she did not do great or amazing works. More than Sun, She went unobserved and hidden in the cloud of Light of the Divine Will, so much so, that the very Saints gave of themselves, doing apparently more amazing things that my own Mama did. Yet, what are the greatest Saints before my Celestial Mama? They are just little stars compared to the great Sun; and if they are illuminated, it is because of the Sun.

But even though she did not do amazing things, she did not cease to be, also visibly, majestic and beautiful, just barely flying over the earth, all intent on that Eternal Will which she charmed and enraptured with great love and violence, in order to transport It from Heaven to earth, and which the human family had so brutally exiled up on High. And with all her interior ordered in the Divine Will, She gave no time to time; whether She thought, palpitated, breathed, and everything else She did – these were all charming bonds in order to draw the Eternal Word upon earth. And in fact She won, and She performed the greatest miracle, which no one else can do.

This is your task, my daughter: to charm Me, to bind Me so much with your interior all reordered in the Supreme Volition, as to transport It from Heaven to earth, that It may be known and have life on earth as it does in Heaven. Of all the rest you should not worry about. One who has to do the major part, has no need to do the minor; on the contrary, the field is given to others so that they may do the minor part, in order to give work to all. I know what is needed – time, place and people – and when I have to make known my greatest works, also with external prodigies. You, continue always your flight in my Will, filling Heaven and earth, charming Me so much as to make Me unable to resist performing the greatest miracle – that my Will reign in the midst of creatures.”

(L. Piccarreta, Book of Heaven, Volume 16, August 20, 1923)

Now we know!

Janet Klasson

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