Jesus’ Descent into Limbo

Dear friends in the Divine Will. As we continue to observe the silence of the tomb, this meditation from Luisa’s Rounds of the Soul in the Divine Will can help us see how the plan of God was unfolding even in the silence of death. God is always “in act”. Let us follow in the footsteps of Luisa on this holy day, in anticipation of our Savior’s glorious resurrection. Blessed Easter!

22nd Round in the Divine Will: Jesus’ Descent into Limbo

My love, I see that You have already died, and oh, how I would like to die together with You! But unfortunately this is not given to me and so, Fiat! Fiat!… I desire to receive You in my arms to enclose your most sacred humanity within my “I love You,”[i] so that in everything You will see my “I love You”, hear my “I love You” and feel my “I love You”. My “I love You” will never leave You; indeed, your Will constitutes the life of my “I love You”. And do You know what this little child desires of You? I desire that your Divine Will which You so loved and did throughout your entire life on earth, may be made known to all souls, so that all may come to love and do your Will on earth as in heaven. This little child desires to conquer You with love by making You grant your Divine Will to all souls. I entreat You, my good Jesus, to make this poor little child happy, as I desire nothing other than that which You yourself desire, namely, that your Will be known and reign in all the world.

My deceased Jesus, I have enclosed your most sacred humanity within my “I love You, I adore You, I bless You and I thank You”, thus forming in your humanity a sepulcher, as it were, for my “I love You” and entreating You to bury the human will so that it may no longer have a life of its own. I now accompany You together with our sorrowful mother into limbo with my “I love You,” and what a moving sight it is. In this holy place I see our first father Adam, Abraham, all the patriarchs and prophets, dear St. Joseph and all the good people of the Old Testament. Oh how they rejoice in seeing You and, prostrating themselves at your holy feet, they adore You, love You and thank You. It seems, however that their celebration is not complete, for with one accord, beginning with Adam their first father, together they all cry out: “To You we give thanks for all that You have done and suffered for us. Now that You have accomplished the first part [of your Messianic mission] by redeeming us, we entreat You to accomplish the second part by making your Divine Will reign on earth as in heaven.”

My love, do You not hear the choir of these voices that are so dear to You? The Queen of Sorrows herself entreats You, and so do I: “May your Will come, may it come and reign on earth as in heaven; grant that all may come to know of your adorable Will.” Today, the day of your death is also the day of your victory – of your triumph. And would You refuse me [this day] the triumph of your Divine Will over the human will? Before leaving limbo, let me hear your sweetest voice telling me that You will grant me my request – that your Will reign and exercise dominion on earth as in heaven.

[i] Luisa enclosing Jesus’ humanity within her “I love You”, conveys a two-fold theologically reality. First, she unites her “soul” with all that which Jesus’ humanity experiences; second, she assimilates and deposits within her soul said humanity. Indeed, Luisa’s “I love You” emerged from her “soul” (cf. L. Piccarreta, volume 19, August 31, 1926). Luisa emphasizes that of the soul’s three powers (intellect, memory and will), the human will is the most “like” God, as it contains his immensity and power, and is therefore capable of bilocating itself “up to heaven or to the farthest places”, of being expanded and of enclosing all things within itself (cf. Ibid., volume 13, October 9, 1921; volume 23, December 22, 1927). Indeed every act the soul accomplishes remains sealed within its will and not one of its acts will be lost (volume 12, January 1, 1920; 24, April 6, 1931). 22ND ROUND

(L. Piccarreta, Rounds of the Soul in the Divine Will. English translations, introductions, annotations and theological presentations: Rev. Joseph Leo Iannuzzi, STD, Ph.D)

Janet Klasson

One thought on “Jesus’ Descent into Limbo


    Dying and rising with You Dear Lord
    Each day in You, our trials are stored
    Where safe and protected, Divine Light grows
    To spread to others as healing shows
    Now in Your tomb, although in Your Will
    Once more we will rise, with Love to the fill!

    On Sat, Apr 8, 2023 at 11:01 AM Children of the Divine Will of Luisa

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