Poem – Humble Soul

A candlelit night for all to pray
Upon their knees at the end of day

Silent words from each one’s soul
Drifting up with incense to Heaven’s bowl

Now being stirred and mixed from above
Returns to us with fragrance and love

When suddenly amid the crowd he stands
Poor and broken stretches out his hands

While walking slowly toward Holy Saint
In shabby dress he moves so quaint

Finally he touches the Saint for grace
Crossing himself, wipes a tear from his face

Silent words from his humble soul
Drifting up again to Heaven’s bowl

Being stirred and mixed once more from above
Returns only for him with fragrance and love

He felt the presence of Holy Saint
Giving him strength and courage without taint

Now turning away to end his time
He walked away as he heard the chime

It rings in his heart; only he can hear
Living life in humility, leaves nothing to fear

A humble soul, for this we yearn
As we gaze upon him, we will surely learn

Margaret – March 2023

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